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We hope you´ve been enjoying your online journey to Eco Lodge Cabreira – Quinta Rural and look forward to meeting you in real life, in Portugal. Should you have any more questions, suggestions or need additional info before planning your vacation, please don´t hesitate to drop us a line. (We prefer e-mails over phone calls!)  We´ll get back to you as quick as we can.  In the meantime, you could always take a look at our social media accounts and start your pre-holiday-dreaming.

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Eco Lodge Cabreira Nature Retreats

Quinta Rural Farm Glamping



Largo Tarroeira da Cruz 5
4860-426 Riodouro
Cabeceiras de Basto
Portugal Norte

  Google route starting exit  12, Arco de Baulhe/Cabeceiras de Basto

GPS: 41 grau 33′ 24. 58″ N 07 grau 56′ 49. 82″ W



Tlm. (Natascha): +351- 926 927 647

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